Top Industry Expert, Exclusive Interview with Ernest Chan

As an author, hedge fund manager and educator Dr. Ernest P. Chan has been an expert in the quantitative trading world for over a decade. His focus has been on the development of statistical models and advanced computer algorithms to find patterns and trends in large quantities of data. He is the author of “Quantitative Trading: How […]

Combination of trading robots and manual operations use

Trading in the financial market was reduced to automatic and mechanical actions. We analyze the schedule based on the trading strategy, we look at the current situation on the market and study information from various analytical sources, etc. You will agree that sooner or later everyone comes to the automation of part of this process. […]

Why ~90% from the Forex traders lose money?

Traders, we have terrifying news for you. We started to trade Equities, Commodities, Futures, Forex and CFDs in the 90s; as all traders, we went to courses taught trading, technical analysis of charts and Japanese candlestick, bought and received E-books with trading strategies, used such indicators, and trading on charts with different time frames. We […]

The pros and cons of automated forex trading

The technology of trading currencies has come a long way since the necessity of physically buying foreign currencies from your banker. The introduction of Forwards, Futures, Options, and various other derivatives have enabled investors to capture the opportunities in appreciating and depreciation currencies in a far more powerful way. The introduction of internet technology has […]

Robots are killing off Wall Street’s traders

Robots are killing off Wall Street’s traders Computers have taken over the majority of trading on Wall Street and are threatening the very nature of the trading profession. Laura French asks whether traditional traders are fighting a losing battle. Throughout most of the 20th century, robot traders would have been a mere figment of the […]