Combination of trading robots and manual operations use

Trading in the financial market was reduced to automatic and mechanical actions. We analyze the schedule based on the trading strategy, we look at the current situation on the market and study information from various analytical sources, etc. You will agree that sooner or later everyone comes to the automation of part of this process. Whether it is the creation of a ready-made trading algorithm or auxiliary signals that notify the manager. But did you ever think about combining the manual trading and automatic trading?

The combination of these two approaches will make it possible to fulfill the main condition of successful work in the fix api forex market – diversify trading.

Diversification is aimed at reducing the possible risks associated with a decrease in yield due to the entrance to the drawdown. If you trade with trading robots on one trading account and in standard manual mode on the other, the line of increasing the yield will be smoother and even.

Let’s imagine the situation that you are trading with your own strategy, which already has positive statistics, an optimal percentage of returns, as well as the risks are already known to you. If you enter during the drawdown period, even if it is foreseen by the strategy, you will have to bargain for the already received profit. Thus, the level of profitability for a given period may decrease. What if you trade in investors’ accounts? Then there will be a risk of withdrawing the capital under your management.

Now, let’s just imagine the situation that a fix api trader uses software, which has a fixed percentage of risk and profitability. He knows what to expect from him and what maximum risks he can get from simultaneous trading with a robot and his trading. Then, when it enters into a drawdown during the trading period, the robot can cover this value and thereby smooth out the growth performance of the yield by retaining the investors’ capital. And if the robot and the trader simultaneously went into a drawdown, then its percentage will be no more than from manual trading, because there are algorithms that are capable of trading with a zero risk parameter.

Our software is ideal for you, if you do not want to change your developed trading strategy, but at the same time you are looking for ways to get additional passive profit wherever you are a professional. Fix api arbitration algorithm has zero risk indicators due to the system of control of drawdown and application of lock positions, while earnings are conducted for arbitrage transactions. Exchange rate discrepancies occur quite often, which increases the profit potential. According to statistics, our average income with this trading robot is 30-40% per month while having a zero risk parameter. Agree that this is an excellent tool for diversifying and increasing profits.

How can you combine robot trading with manual trading? To do this, follow the instructions below:

The investment capital that is under your management should be divided into two parts and into two different trading accounts;
On one, your trading will take place, so nothing extra is needed;
The robot will trade on the second one, and to make the work optimal you need to use a VPS server. Then, the robot will trade on an ongoing basis while the market works, which increases the possible yield due to the expansion of the trading period.
Fix and withdraw the profit on both accounts in certain periods (for example, once a month).
The approach, in which you use trading robots for your fix api trading allows you to not only diversify and reduce the possible risks associated with trading, but also to stabilize your performance. As we know, the investor pays attention to the results of trading and statistical information.